We hate throwing away computers.

Fixing is always the first option.

Upgrade Hardware, Speed up your computer with a SSD (solid state drive) – Works great on Laptops and Desktops.

Windows 10 upgrade.  Let us check if your computer will run Windows 10, sometimes you will need more RAM (memory) and more space on your hard drive.

Internet not working? – there are ways to get the internet to work in every part of the house.  From stronger Wifi to PowerLine systems, we can help.

Won’t turn on?  If there are no lights on your computer, it might be the power supply.  Quick to check and cheap to fix.  Bring it into the workshop and we will get you back up and running.

Won’t load Windows?  There are many reasons why this might be happening.  From a failing hard drive to faulty software and hardware.  Even if it needs a clean install of Windows, we can backup your data, do a clean install of windows, install all drivers and put your data back.  If its faulty hardware we can replace and get you back to work.